Rental of Coworking Space

Coworking Space

To accommodate the diversified work patterns nowadays,

we are offering "independent/shared office spaces" or "classroom/conference spaces"

for freelancers engaged in translation and editing, copywriting, webpage design,

and other language-related work, or any individuals or local/international businesses with temporary or short-term office needs.

We wish to create win-win for us by building up interdisciplinary and cross-industrial connections.

Individual Desk – Coworking Space (about 3.3 sq.m.)

Simple registration for walk-in usage, offering high-speed network connection and wifi access, opportunities to meet professionals and translators with different backgrounds; own a company address immediately for receiving/sending mails; support your dealings with local and international clients and increase chances of jobs! Great discount for less than NT$100 per day!!

As a welcoming perk for freelancers using our office space,
each user is entitled to a three-day free usage for the first month of use.
All are welcome to try it out.


Monthly packages (Usage limited to the company’s business hours: 0830~1730)

One-month package Three-month package Six-month package
NT$3,700 NT$9,600 (3,200/month) NT$17,400(2,900/month)
Best deal!


Call or online form appointment

Contract payment

Start using!

Physical facilities provided
  • Office desk and chair (no computer provided)
  • Power source
  • Telephone
  • Network connection and wifi
  • Central air conditioning
  • Security system
Free common facilities
  • Reception area with sofa
  • Pantry
  • Toilet
Best for
  • Freelance translators
  • Personal office
  • Temp or short-term office
  • Dealings with local and international clients
  • Foreign businesses venturing into Taiwan
Value-added services (at bargain prices)
  • Oral interpretation service
  • Translation service
  • Usage of conference room/classroom
  • Photocopying and fax support (quantity-based charge)
Reception area with sofa

Conference room/Classroom (about 72.7 sq.m.) (capacity: 30-40 seats)

Easily accessible at 2-minute walk from Aozihdi MRT Station!

Adequate hardware support to ensure a great success of your conference and course!


NT$4000/session, available in AM/PM/Evening sessions
(Discounted sessions are available for practicing translators/ALP members.)

Session AM PM Evening
Time 8:30~12:00 13:30~17:00 18:30~22:00
Physical facilities
  • Benches and chairs for class
  • White boards
  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • Network connection and wifi access
  • Central air conditioning
Free common facilities
  • Sofa lounge
  • Pantry
  • Toilet
Best for
  • Teaching
  • Meeting
  • Lecture event
Value-added services (at bargain prices)
  • Oral interpretation service
  • Translation service
  • Poster and leaflet design
  • photocopying and fax (quantity-based charge)
classroom/conference spaces